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The long-awaited sequel to Gunstar Heroes, one of the most critically acclaimed 2D games of all time, is almost here! Treasure, the legendary team responsible for the original, works their magic all over again with all-new levels, bosses, and weapons. Gunstar Super Heroes offers cool mini-game elements amid its traditional fast-paced gameplay, like an After Burner-inspired aerial sequence. Precision gunplay and brilliant visuals create a revelatory experience for newcomers and a major gaming milestone for hardcore fans.


  • Amazing visuals. The graphical capabilities of the Game Boy Advance are pushed to the limit.
  • Two playable characters with different stories. Take characters, Blue and Red, on different paths to reveal the whole story.
  • Six wildly inventive levels. Explore the intricate levels and encounter gigantic bosses.
  • A true sequel. The Gunstar world expands with all-new levels, bosses, and weapons.
  • Three different styles of weaponry. Rapid Fire, Automatic, and Explosive.
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