: : : : : Gumby Vs. The Astrobots


In "Gumby vs. the Astrobots", players assume the role of the flexible clay icon, Gumby, as he attempts to foil the Blockheads'(TM) latest scheme. Using the Astrobots, the Blockheads have abducted Gumby's friends, including Pokey(TM), Prickle(TM) and Goo(TM) and hidden them in books throughout Toyland. Pursuing the Astrobots through a variety of book worlds, including the Old West, North Pole and Planet Astrobot, players will need to utilize Gumby's special morphing powers and stretchy skills to save his friends and foil the Blockheads. Gumby's quest to save his friends is enriched through classic visuals, voices and FX straight from the television series.


- Use Gumby's unique ability to morph, stretch and twist to foil the Blockheads' plans and return
your friends to Toyland.

- Leap from book to book, exploring the vast worlds hidden within. Traverse the classic Old West or the icy North Pole, even the mysterious Planet Astrobot!

- Captivating cartoon visuals and music make for a memorable handheld adventure.
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