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GT Advance Championship Racing is an arcade racer that utilizes real car licenses for its line-up of vehicles. The game will award a car for every track you complete in a first place finish. There are 7 car manufacturers, 32 race tracks, 9 upgradeable car stats, and link cable support for two players.


  • Choose from over 45 authentic cars from 8 manufacturers and race for championship gold
  • An amazing 32 tracks to master - race against the computer or a buddy through the circuit, highway, town, pass, or even dirt tracks.
  • Head to the garage for some serious tuning - 9 upgradeable categories including engine suspension,body weight, muffler, CPU, and more.
  • Head-to-head 2 player action using the Game Boy Advance link cable
  • 5 game modes to choose from including championship, quick race, time attack,practice and VS.

Editor's Note:

Also know as Advanced GTA

Added on: April 20, 2001

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blackgbb played GT Advance Championship Racing
Jul 12, 08 12:09am
My first GBA game. GTAdvanceChampionshipRacing GBA
Sep 06, 04 6:24am
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Jul 25, 03 9:34am

Graphics: Pretty nice-looking cars and okay tracks (even if they are awfully flat),...

Aug 03, 01 7:52am

Two player mode is the best with a friend, OVerall you should buy this game...

  • Genre: Car (GBA)
  • Developer: MTO
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 11, 2001
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