ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
ConsoleDomain 3.5/5 Oct 24 '01
IGN GameBoy 6.5/10 Aug 31 '01
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ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Mar 22 '01
IGN GameBoy Mar 20 '01
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ConsoleDomain on

"The game hangs together well, and its surface simplicity belies hidden depths. It may not make the sport any more exciting, but it will take a Tiger Woods-esque effort to dislodge it from the..."

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GameSpot on

"The use of the Japan Golf Tour license adds to the comical feel of a GBA title that does what Camelot has done for so long, only not quite as well."

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IGN GameBoy on

"...when this launch title ships in Japan, we'll be seeing whether the game has the right swing for American golfers."

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IGN GameBoy on

"For a first golf outing on the Game Boy Advance, Konami has put together a good package...but there are flaws and omissions in the design that will stick out like a thumb to folks that really get..."

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