Golden Sun Websites

Mar 11, 2003 By: Link_2000
A well organised, constantly updated website. Has both text and visual guides, loads of information about the game, and many interesting additions such as an online battle game and caption contests.
Aug 08, 2002 By: chrisposkitt12345
A fantastic Golden Sun site... it's massive!
Jun 03, 2003 By: Dyne1989
This is the ultimate and most source that yo can find in Golden Sun On-Line history. It contains information on Golden Sun 2 which is the sequel and have a comprehensive walkthrough. Comics, and many fun stuff.!
Jun 06, 2008 By: Insanity Prevails
Contains lots of GS information, such as characters, classes, Djinn, psynergy etc.
May 23, 2003 By: MXracer
Feb 08, 2009 By: The Sea King
An active golden sun community. It's golden sun information is updated monthly but it's forums are always active to help. ^_^
Oct 15, 2002 By: VenusShadow
Excellent Golden Sun site! Best Weapons and Armor section on the Web. Take some polls, sign the guestbook, take a look at the forum. Please, check us out!!