Golden Sun GameShark Codes

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Master Code (GBA) North America Master


This must be on in order for the other codes to work.
rating: 1/5

Various Code Submissions (GBA) North America

Isaac Infinite HP 53AFEE8C9FBD0D37C3B5B9BD7890E182
Isaac Infinite PP D65CD14AA516730D46DC252AF33185E4
Isaac Max Exp 94917D52FA81F198
Isaac Max Lvl 2CAB311D4773E36C
Isaac Max AT 9650CD4C11F2C6E0
Isaac Max DF F47C2E06556CAD85
Isaac Max AG B4584C506BF24634
Isaac Max LK 66387C0E6762569A
Garet Infinite HP 6C697CD97F47E001B6979B9A34A7DB73
Garet Infinite PP 47481F9E355400DC7F1DF4FC783FB296
Garet Max Exp C55C1073BF5D48D5
Garet Max Lvl 5DFDEBF16CC5FC71
Garet Max AT FB38C1E857E55D9F
Garet Max DF 9B041A9432D3899F
Garet Max AG B5B620F28E9B4647
Garet Max LK CF7F12EA99DE5647
Jenna Infinite HP E802A1C1BA9AA227E3D0B7AEF256219D
Jenna Infinite PP AD815B89E324D718417714BA509446A8
Jenna Max Exp A4D6618D7E9CAFDD
Jenna Max Lvl 9A36B7AECD3BBC63
Jenna Max AT 72FFB1071FED4B86
Jenna Max DF 84CB543AD581F896
Jenna Max AG 97DBFA7E8490B99D
Jenna Max LK 90937642F5EA65FE
Max Coins BC6EC209DCD7A6D6
Ivan Infinite HP A5AA7BD68ABFBE2FECF23D403C053C2A
Ivan Infinite PP 71F49E8396BCABE4DD674CC0E2D7A158
Ivan Max Exp B9065B431F1BF3AE
Ivan Max Lvl DF26B778326F52BA
Ivan Max AT 7CDA87AA750C955A
Ivan Max DF 9D887AB2EE646525
Ivan Max AG 03D5481C24BAD900
Ivan Max LK 2DA59F303D69112F
Mia Infinite HP 838AED0B40034D8F3BB9FAB2DE480323
Mia Infinite PP E48F5F4C5A802BC91F9848C190D6BCEF
Mia Max Exp 989A7266ADB480A9
Mia Max Lvl 32573B03233482CA
Mia Max AT AF4F032BEFB65C87
Mia Max DF 16500135E48312F5
Mia Max AG 910B309E348AF117
Mia Max LK CD2A31CBFC101420

Enable Djinni: This code must be on to use any Djinni code. 9A360AE3F8AC9D937330AB6CC97F7207

Isaac Earth Djinni 14DB6C973B86B564
Isaac Fire Djinni E49223CDDECA20C0
Isaac Wind Djinni A6BCABB099222FA6
Isaac Water Djinni 5CCAAA4F30B37E34
Garet Earth Djinni 6A93B4BC0F447457
Garet Fire Djinni 254FDD532CFEE25D
Garet Wind Djinni 1279694DE7BDDB5D
Garet Water Djinni 0B966C8F009D902C
Ivan Earth Djinni 54E8583DCC6DF6C5
Ivan Fire Djinni 9D385C8B7C88B454
Ivan Wind Djinni F8F5B79AEB104E32
Ivan Water Djinni F82D733144055C37
Mia Earth Djinni F0E99D033BCE5BFA
Mia Fire Djinni EFA3D4A2DEB5D711
Mia Wind Djinni FD8C31ED5A48D9B3
Mia Water Djinni 5799E3C88088B8C3