Three years have passed since a tremendous storm struck the village of Vale. Isaac, having dedicated himself to the study of psynergy since that day, prepares for a study session with Garet, Jenna and the scholar Kraden. Their studies take them into the depths of Sol Sanctum in the hope of learning the secrets of alchemy. But there are others that seek entrance to Sol Sanctum for other reasons. After events at the sanctum take a turn for the worse Isaac and Garet are tasked with stopping this mysterious group from lighting the four elemental lighthouses and releasing a terrible power upon the world. The pair are joined by two other "adepts" as they chase their foe across Angara and into Gondowan. With the aid of the Djinn, elemental creatures, and using a vast array of psynergy powers, Isaac and his allies strive to prevent the lighthouse beacons from being lit.


  • Play as 5 different characters to do battle against many enemies in a turn-based combat system.
  • Make use of many different elemental psynergy powers to defeat enemies, assist allies and affect the environment to progress.
  • Equip a variety of different weapons, armours, shields, boots, rings and more to bolster your combat power and gain powerful battle effects.
  • Recruit Djinn to your cause. Assign them to characters to change classes, which affects stats and powers. Or unleash them in battle for powerful abilities or use them to summon even more powerful creatures.
  • Explore towns, caves, dungeons and the lighthouses. Solve the puzzles therein as you chase after the mysterious group.

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Cloud Me
Jan 13, 11 3:01am
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Classic game that needs a bigger hype! Brilliant. GoldenSun GBA
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just started the game today GoldenSun GBA
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Good. GoldenSun GBA
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Awesome game. Nothing more to be said. GoldenSun GBA
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veryyyyyyyyyy gooooood GoldenSun GBA
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I loved the golden sun games, and I played them all right to the end. GoldenSun GBA
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Tootally Wicked Game! GoldenSun GBA
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L O V E. GoldenSun GBA
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It broke I dont know how but it did...=( GoldenSun GBA
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Fuun Game, to short =( GoldenSun GBA
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ask me how goo it is and ill slap u GoldenSun GBA
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  • Genre: Fantasy (GBA)
  • Theme(s): Fantasy, Medieval
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Camelot
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 12, 2001
    EuropeFeb 22, 2002
    JapanAug 1, 2001
  • Also known as:
  • Ougon no Taiyou in Japan
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