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Dragg12 Nov 26, 12
If you think 7 is good then you should try FE: the sacred stones. Honestly, IDEK how that game got in my house, but if it werent for fire emblem and Diablo 2 I would be a basetball player right now, not a gamer. Actually I read your FESD review, and I think you already played this game based on the way you reviewed that one, because I dont remember support convo's in FE7, but, if you havent played Sacred Stones, GO GET IT NOW.
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The4thFang Nov 27, 12
Dragg12, I've played both, and I think this one is better. FE8 was my first fire emblem, though, and definitely the one that I've put more hours into. While I don't think it is as good as this one, I think it gets alot of unnecessary hate and is severely underrated for the addition of Valni. (as well as a few other things.)

As of now, the only North American fire emblem game I have not completed is Radiant Dawn (but I am in the process of completing it.)
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