The rightful heir to the throne of Caelin has been located. She must be protected from assassins and usurpers. You must take control over an army of soldiers but use them wisely. Once gone, they are lost forever. Each soldier has his/her own abilites. Strike from above or attack in close combat with your armored footmen. You must gauge your enemy wisely as you restore the lost heir to her birthright.


Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword's gameplay is very similar to that of Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals', the sixth game in the series. Both games have the same fundamentals: the player (known as the tactician in the game) must command a small army around a square grid battlefield and fight enemy units by taking advantage of their environment and the Weapon and Magic Triangles. As you get farther in the game, you recruit new individuals, all of which have different strengths and abilities, and the dexterity to level up. There are also many weapons to equip your characters with, as well as different types of terrain to fight on, each with their own special effect. Furthermore, when certain characters level up enough, with the help of a certain item, they can change class, and gain new permissions and strengths.


  • Test your skills as a military strategist, as you guide your forces in battles with wizards and dragons.
  • Dominate the field war with dozens of soldiers, weapons and magic spells that will be at your command.
  • Take control of an army of soldiers, but use them wisely. Each of your soldiers possesses unique skills but, if they fall in battle, then they're lost forever!
  • Strike from above with your Pegasus Knights or guide your armored footman in close combat.
  • Clear a specific objective in each level to proceed to the next. Special events open up branches in the storyline and offer more difficult side quests

Editor's Note:

Titled, "Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken" in Japan.

Added on: February 03, 2003

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