Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Reviews

website score publish date
Gaming Headlines 8/10 Jul 28 '04 9.1/10 Sep 17 '03
FF Shrinw  --- Mar 11 '07
1UP 9/10 May 09 '04
Portable Review 31/40 Jun 02 '05
Solinari Gaming 79% Sep 10 '03
Thunderbolt 7/10 Jun 01 '07
GameSpot 8.2/10 Sep 05 '03
Gamespy 94/100 Sep 08 '03
IGN GameBoy 9.0/10 Sep 05 '03
Nintendo World Report 7.5/10 Oct 13 '03
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Previews

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1UP on Oct 15 '05

"The game unfolds in a series of missions, with occasional random battles for variety. The missions are fairly short, but with over 300 to complete, you won't be finishing FFTA for a good 50-60..."

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GameSpot on Sep 08 '03

"Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a deep and involving RPG that offers dozens of hours' worth of entertaining tactical battles."

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Gamespy on Sep 09 '03

"Addictive, deep, and beautiful, FFTA is one of the GBA games of the year."

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IGN GameBoy on Sep 08 '03

"The only thing hurting the title is unnecessary "clutter," both in the battle screens and in the menu options; a little clean-up in the interface could have definitely benefited the development...."

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