Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Code Breaker Codes

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rating: 4/5

Infinite HP/MP/JP (GBA) North America

Enabler Code (must be on):

000037AE 000A
10000488 0007

Infinite HP (affects all player characters):

42000098 03E7
00000014 0108

Infinite MP (affects all player characters):

4200009C 0063
00000014 0108

Infinite JP (affects all player characters):

42000156 0063
00000014 0108

Various Codes (GBA) Europe

[M] Must Be
9368AC15 8812
91CF78E6 2CC0

Maximum JP
995FEAAB 104A
389DB78D 6EF6

Maximum Speed
99570A66 104A
389DB78D 6EF6

Quick Level Gain
CE427B36 A581
389DB78D 6EF6

Maximum Clan Funds
843355C1 F002
903B55D5 B6E3