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When Marche and his friends, Mewt and Ritz, open an ancient magical tome, their small town of St. Ivalice transforms into a kingdom of swords and sorcery known as Ivalice. To return his world to normal, Marche must join a clan and take up the sword, learn magic and fight his way through dozens of tactical battles. Ultimately, he must unravel the riddle of the crystals, the magical stones that are the key to restoring his home.

Command a squad of fighters, mages, and monsters to create a plan of attack and strike at your enemies with swords, magic and the incredible summons that are the trademark of any Final Fantasy game. Over a hundred missions await you, but be careful – if you fail to abide by the rules of combat, you'll wind up in jail and out of the action! Link up with a friend to team up in a battle, trade items or even trade clan members!


Assemble your army and train them well. Go into battle with your skills at their sharpest and decimate the enemy before they get to you first. Destroy your adversary's troops without remorse or hesitation as you engage in bloody and decisive warfare. Defend Ivalice against the forces that would tear it apart in Final Fantasy Tactics.


  • Command a squad of fighters, mages and monsters to create a plan of attack and strike enemies with swords, magic and incredible summoned monster attacks that are the trademark of every Final Fantasy game.
  • Immerse yourself in the fantasy! Dozens of jobs and hundreds of abilities give you the power to control every aspect of the battle.
  • Take on hundreds of missions and one of the many side quests to see what treasures await you.
  • Abide by the new law system or you'll wind up in jail and out of action. But watch out, because not everyone observes the law!
  • Link up with a friend to win battles, trade items or even trade clan members.

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3/5 FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
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This story begins at the cold city of Ivalice. Here lives four of the main characters,...

young link gcn
May 19, 10 3:34am
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The Jester
Apr 17, 10 4:52am
The GBA's finest hour. A great turn based classic. Great story and gameplay. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
Devout Avalon
Apr 09, 10 3:17am
Because I love FFT2 so much, I can't wait to play this one. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
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100 hours of boredom-staving. Pretty good for a GBA game; this kept me amused on many a flight/coach journey. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
May 11, 09 4:40pm
Best GBA game ever.It takes a very long time to complete. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
Apr 03, 09 1:28am
Ah, something about this game's story never gets old no matter how many times I go through all the motions. I love the snowball fight. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
yo yo dog103
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Mar 18, 09 1:05am
a very good game, it guarentees alot of gaminghours. FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
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9/10 FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
Feb 15, 09 9:21pm
Love the game completely FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance GBA
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