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For true football fans that demand the finest gameplay and comprehensive game modes, FIFA Football 2004 is the most complete and authentic soccer experience. A new Career Mode gives you the chance to take a team from the lower divisions, battle through ranks, sign new players, and turn them into champions. The action is deeper than ever with advanced levels of player detail and responsiveness. When you want to take on new competitors, connect to EA SPORTS online for PC for match up gameplay, tournaments, downloadable content, and more. With immersive atmospheres, benchmark presentation, total realism with the world's premier clubs, and industry-leading gameplay, FIFA Football 2004 returns as the true authority in soccer gaming.


  • Use the Nintendo GameCube-Game Boy® Advance cable to connect FIFA Soccer 2004 to your Nintendo GameCube and unlock tournaments and rewards

  • Up to four can play head-to-head via the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® Cable

  • Licensed gameplay chants bring Friendly, Tournament, and Playoffs game modes to life

  • Go up against 6,000 real players from more than 300 official teams.

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May 27, 09 1:11pm
A gigantic leap from 03, improving many things. Great game. FIFASoccer2004 PS2
In Motion
Jun 05, 08 11:49pm
N/A FIFASoccer2004 PS2
May 27, 08 7:10am
4/10 FIFASoccer2004 PS2
I love star wars
Feb 10, 07 6:03pm
My least favourite FIFA game. FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Nov 18, 06 5:44am
None FIFASoccer2004 PS2
May 18, 06 4:09pm
Okay FIFASoccer2004 PS2
May 01, 06 10:05pm
Nothing compared to PES FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
If you want to Trade or Sell, then e-mail me FIFASoccer2004 PS2
The GGs
May 20, 05 7:31pm
A fantastic football game! FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Oct 01, 04 11:39am
great for soccer lovers. alot better than 2003 FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Sep 02, 04 9:47pm
None FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Seto Kaiba
Jul 06, 04 3:55am
Not For Sale FIFASoccer2004 PS2
Jun 13, 04 9:39pm
good FIFASoccer2004 PS2
May 29, 04 4:33am
9/10 FIFASoccer2004 PS2
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