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Mother 1 + 2 is a port of the NES and SNES games Mother and Mother 2 (Earthbound in America). Mother 1 involves a 12-year-old boy named Ninten, whose psychic powers have been developing since birth. To save the Earth from a race of aliens that can corrupt the mind and threaten the planet, Ninten must collect eight melodies scattered around the world use them against the alien's leader - Giygas. Joined by three friends, Ninten is up for the journey of his life. In Mother 2, you play as Ness, another psychic sensitive boy whose destiny - as well as three others - was decided before they were even born. Their destiny - to stop the reawakened Giygas before he can resume his reign of terror. However, Giygas has recruited an "old friend" of Ness's, and the group must work fast before Giygas completes his plan.
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Maybe Mother 0 would look a bit old, but still try it. 6-10 Mother1and2Import GBA
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