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Dragon Ball GT: Transformation is the sequel to Legacy of Goku 1, Future Shock, and Buu's Fury. It goes through the first part of Dragon Ball GT, like the other three went through part of Dragon Ball Z. It also features the GT movie villians.


  • Take control of up to 3 characters in your self-created team, switching to each member on the fly
  • Destructible environments, affected by both players and enemies
  • Multiple environments from the Child Goku and Baby Sagas of DBGT
  • Battles with massive bosses, including General Rilldo, the Super-Luud Robot, Baby, and other intergalactic villains
  • Bonus multiplayer mode that allows 4 players to fight with Piccolo and copies of himself during his multiform technique while using only one cart
  • Unlockable content, including new moves, levels, and gameplay modes
  • Gameplay:
    • Multiple Co-operative and Competitive Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players
    • Standard Single Player and Story modes
    • Create your ultimate team from up to 10 heroes and 2 villains, like SS4 Goku, SS Trunks, and Super Baby Vegeta
    • Multicart Function that allows up to 4 players to battle against each other while only one player owns the cart
    • Combat system incorporates Melee, Energy, Special Energy, Group, Dash, Air Energy and Spin attacks
    • Blow enemies away using group attacks, with your entire team joining you to execute one damaging strike

Hardware Requirements

2 wireless adapters OR 1 GBA link cable for multiplayer
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