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Doom Reviews

website score publish date 8/10 Nov 06 '05
Thunderbolt 5/10 Mar 06 '03  --- Nov 05 '01
Electric Playground 78% Dec 05 '01
EuroGamer 8/10 Nov 25 '01
Gamesfirst 4/5 Dec 11 '01
Gamespot 7.3/10 Sep 28 '06
Gamespy 84% Nov 17 '01
GameZilla 94/100 Dec 10 '01
IGN GameBoy 8.9/10 Nov 01 '01
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Nov 03 '01
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EuroGamer on Nov 26 '01

"Dave Palmer and the boys have done a solid job of converting id's seminal shooter to the GameBoy Advance, with only a few frame rate issues and the weak ending letting it down. The game itself is..."

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Gamesfirst on Dec 12 '01

"...I can heartily recommend Doom. Although other FPS games for the GBA are coming out, such as Dark Arena and Ecks vs. Sever, Doom has an existing appeal that will be hard to overcome."

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Gamespot on Nov 07 '01

"Doom's a genuine classic, and this version of the game remains faithful to the 1993 original."

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IGN GameBoy on Nov 05 '01

"Yep, Doom on the Game Boy Advance turned out extremely well."

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Thunderbolt on Apr 14 '08

"The controls are fairly simple, but there's the odd awkward combination here and there. A is shoot, B is action, L and R strafe, select brings up the map, start pauses and the d-pad moves you..."

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