The demons of Hell want to take over the Earth and it's up to you as a space marine to stop them. Using everything from your fists to the powerful BFG, you are the one man army determind to save the Earth. You'll come across every type of enemy from former marine buddies of yours to the powerful Cyberdemon capable of killing you in no time flat. If you're tough enough you'll be able to make Hell regret the day they messed with you


The game is a shooter, so, the player has to shoot every enemy that is attacking him. He has also to find keys for opening specific doors and he has also to activate switchs for making his environment change (a lift coming down, a wall that is an hidden door, etc.).

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My favorite version of Doom. Yes , more than the PC ports. Controls perfectly, and looks better (even than on PC). Doom X360

[image1 link=yes width=315 float=right] German, and still waiting to buy your copy of Doom and Doom II? The... posted Sep 01, 11 8:55am


"If it bleeds we can kill it"
"The reveiw will now begin, please enjoy". I'm a bit of a...


Well the company who brought us the original doom games quake and return to castle...


This scraped a 4.
It's a good game depending on if you like the classic doom games and...


That said, however. This game is utterly fantastic. It is a remake of the original pc...

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