DK: King of Swing Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.3/10

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DK: King of Swing Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Video Games Yahoo! 3.5/5 Sep 28 '05
GC Advanced 7.7/10 Oct 08 '05
Gaming Evolution 7.4/10 Oct 03 '05
Adrenaline Vault 4/5 Aug 17 '05 7.2/10 Oct 11 '05
Etoychest 76/100 Oct 01 '05 92.5/100 Feb 28 '05
Game Freaks 365 7.8/10 Oct 03 '05
Gamebiz 70% Mar 16 '05
GameDaily 6/10 Sep 20 '05
Gameplanet 3.5/5 Mar 18 '05
games xtreme 7.0/10 Mar 14 '05
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 12 '05
MyGamer 7.4/10 Apr 10 '05
N-Insanity 7.6/10 Mar 13 '05
Total Games 60/100 Feb 02 '05
EuroGamer 7/10 Feb 15 '05
GameSpot 7.3/10 Sep 16 '05
IGN GameBoy 7.8/10 Sep 16 '05
Nintendojo 6.2/10 Oct 24 '05
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DK: King of Swing Previews

website publish date article rating May 13 '05
Digital Entertainment News Jun 01 '04
GameSpot Sep 02 '05
GotNext Sep 17 '04
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Quoted from DK: King of Swing Reviews:
Check out these quotes from DK: King of Swing reviews & previews
"...ignoring the entirely superfluous Jungle Jam, the single-player adventure more than makes up for it and although has arguably way too many incidences of annoying level design to get too excited about, for those with a steely mindset and a longing for something genuinely new DK: King Of Swing is a surprisingly worthwhile addition to the handheld (swinging) scene."
"DK: King of Swing deserves 70% because it is still a solid game, but it could have been given a lot more work and a lot more content to make it a worthy 2005 release, and it may disappoint loyal Donkey Kong fans."
"King of Swing doesn't go out to amaze, just to show the gamer something new. While it works extremely well it might not hold your attention for too long."
"Overall I think that it’s nice to see a developer try out a new idea but this one didn’t really wash with me, maybe its just that the game is not my cup of tea but it seemed to be too repetitive and frustratingly difficult all of a sudden at various points for my liking."
"DK: King of Swing is a unique and interesting take on the puzzle genre that people will either love or hate thanks to the game's innovative control scheme."
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