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The Kongs' victory in Donkey Kong Country 2 proves to be short-lived when K. Rool's Kremlings return once again and kidnap not only Donkey Kong, but Diddy as well! It is now up to Dixie, who, with the help of the young but powerful Kiddy Kong, must venture through a new world of adventure and face K. Rool's hordes of villainous Kremlimgs in order to rescue Diddy and Donkey from the clutches of the evil tyrant.

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I defeated Kaos, and am stuck like all heck on Rocket Rush. GAAAAHHH. DonkeyKongCountry3 GBA
What? I don't remember much of this one... I think I played it once... DonkeyKongCountry3 GBA
I also had it for the SNES. DonkeyKongCountry3 GBA
  • Genre: Platform (GBA)
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: Rare
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 16, 2004
    EuropeNov 4, 2005
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