Donkey Kong Country 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Donkey Kong Country 2 Reviews

website score publish date
Gamespy 4/5 Nov 16 '04 8.0/10 Dec 31 '04
Computer and Video Games 66/100 Jun 24 '04
EuroGamer 7/10 Jun 24 '04
Gamebiz 82/100 Jun 01 '04
GameSpot 8.3/10 Dec 07 '04
IGN GameBoy 8.0/10 Nov 15 '04
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Sep 05 '03
Nintendo World Report 8.5/10 Sep 14 '04
Nintendo World Report 8.5/10 Dec 05 '04
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Donkey Kong Country 2 Previews

website publish date
Game Power Australia May 25 '04
Nintendo World Report Apr 21 '04
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Computer and Video Games on Jun 25 '04

"As with previous outings collecting all the KONG letters and Kremcoins gives you a warm glow and if you've never played a DK game before it will introduce you to such awesome characters as Diddy,..."

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EuroGamer on Jun 25 '04

"You see, DKC2 wasn't particularly revolutionary. It tried a few different things, sharpened up a few areas (controls, difficulty curve, bonus rooms) and lasted slightly longer, but it was, however..."

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Game Power Australia on Jun 02 '04

"If you missed it the first time, Donkey Kong Country 2 sees Donkey Kong captive, so Diddy Kong and his girl Dixie must save the day. Diddy’s trademark roll returns, while Dixie spices up the action..."

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GameSpot on Dec 08 '04

"DKC2 is a diverse platform game that looks and sounds superb and has an impressive list of bonus features, but it's also extremely difficult."

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Gamespy on Nov 17 '04

"Another Rare classic makes its way to the GBA screen. Is this one worth its weight in gold banana coins?"

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