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Shortly after Donkey and Diddy's victory in Donkey Kong Country, another adventure quickly arises as King K. Rool's forces return and kidnap Donkey Kong! Now it is up to Diddy and his newfound ally, Dixie Kong, to team up and fight through the hordes of viscious Kremlings, K. Rool's evil minions, and save Donkey Kong from the grasp of the evil tyrant.


  • One quest, two Kongs!
  • Play as both Diddy and Dixie Kong, and master Diddy's Cartwheel attack and Dixie's Helicopter Spin.
  • Test your skills and beat the clock in Diddy's Dash, or race against your friends to see who's the fastest.
  • Go solo or challenge your friends in brand-new bonus games like Funky's Flights and Bag a Bug.

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Black Pikmin123
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Best game in the trilogy; Now if I could only just freaking BEAT KLOBBER KARNAGE... D= DonkeyKongCountry2 GBA
Mar 16, 09 2:37am
Had it for the SNES too. DonkeyKongCountry2 GBA
Oct 23, 08 10:02am
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VERY Hard. DonkeyKongCountry2 GBA
Dec 09, 04 11:41am

This is the best game on GBA ever. From the second i got it (which was today) i loved...

Nov 26, 04 7:08am
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May 28, 04 11:32pm
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