Get ready to race your own digimon against other digimon on their own racing kart. From Single Race, Cup Race, Boss Challenges, and Tick Tock Time Trial modes. Have your digimon gain the crucial advantage by digivolving during the race to get that extra edge. Or link up with your friends, up to 4 players, and race till your digimon can't go on!


  • WIRELESS ADAPTER COMPATIBLE AND LINKABLE - FOR UP TO 4 PLAYERS*! Link Game Boy® Advance systems with a Game Boy® Advance Game Link Cable® or a Game Boy® Advance Wireless Adapter for head to head action.
  • Includes popular Digimon from the animated TV series!
  • Choose your favorite Digimon character to drive a kart and race against the rest!
  • Digivolve to gain an advantage over the other Digimon racers!
  • Variety of game modes to try including Single Race, Cup Race, Boss Challenges and Time Trial!
  • Interesting and exotic track locations!
  • Unlock secret Digimon

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