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Battle your way through seven stages in this Digimon race against the clock! Digimon Battle Spirit provides classic fighting action for 1 or 2 players, as you compete as one of your favorite Digimon characters in a digivolving battle! Play as or against your favorite Digimon character. Features a cast of Digimon from the television series.


  • Select your Digimon of choice from 7 popular characters.
  • Unlock hidden Digimon!
  • Collect more "D-spirit" balls than your opponent and WIN! (or unlock special characters)
  • Digivolve to become more powerful. Turn the tide of events!
  • Each level is filled with unique obstacles. Use them to your advantage!
  • Strategize your moves! Deciding when to Digivolve, when to use items, and when to use special techniques will greatly influence the outcome of the game

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I own this game but haven't played it for years... DigimonBattleSpirit GBA
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a very short game, not very special DigimonBattleSpirit GBA
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Basically,this game is hitting the opponent and get the most orbs that comes out to...

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