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Rediscover the Legend: Three years ago, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became an instant martial arts classic, earning an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. Now, experience all the kung-fu fury from the martial arts masterpiece as you execute over 90 wu-xia moves inspired be renowned choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping. Green Destiny beckons you.


Crouching Tiger is, at its core, a beat-'em-up style of game where you'll be punching, kicking, and swordfighting your way through a bevy of enemies who all gang up on you at once. You'll also be involved in some duels against feature characters, like the master thief, Jade Fox, and the infamous bandit Lo "Dark Cloud." One feature of the combat is especially innovative: the combo blocking. Genki has designed a complementary blocking system that lets you duck, dodge, and flip around enemy attacks by pressing the block button in conjunction with a flashing icon that appears near your life meter, allowing you to pull off moves that are quite cool.


  • Superhuman martial arts: Master all the whirling acrobatics, dizzying combos, and impossible dodges from the film
  • Face your destiny: Vengeance, honor, and betrayal unfold as you embark on the quests of Li Mu Bai, Yu Shu Lien, Jen, and "Dark Cloud" Lo. Includes multiple endings based on your in-game performance!
  • A fistful of bonuses: Unlock special videogame "Making Of" footage, an exclusive comic, bonus play modes and costumes, and other secrets

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