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Based on the hit anime series. The game starts off with Sakura in class with the rest of the gang when a new exchange student is introduced to everyone. Sound familiar? Once introductions are made, Sakura and friends begin an adventure that involves a lot of mini - games. With each mini - game that is completed Sakura will recieve a card that helps her through-out her journey. Her friends will aid her with each mini - game, but most of the strategy relies on how you want to play it. But beware, if you mess up a mini - game three times you must start all over again.


  • Experience the Card Captor Sakura universe, featuring the characters, setting and those magical cards.
  • Take on the story mode or challenge the mini-games in free play.
  • Play in 21 mini-games, involving challenges ranging from navigating mazes, shooting targets and solving puzzles.
  • Check out the story viewer to recap on the story, conveyed through text and images.
  • Show off your artistic skills in the painting mode.

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