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Product Wiki Description: As Samus Aran, your mission is to penetrate the space pirates' home planet, Zebes, and keep them from destroying the galaxy with the dangerous life forms known as Metroids. Collect power items to attack enemies in new ways!
You take the role of Samus Aran, a legendary bounty hunter on a mission to stop the Mother Brain and exterminate the Metroids once and for all. You'll find many power-ups along the way that will help you defend yourself against the vast number of enemies that live within...
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Release Date (North America):Oct 25, 2004 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Jan 7, 2005 submit new
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Perspective:Flat side view submit new
Themes:Sci-Fi (Futuristic) submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Nintendo submit new
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