Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.5/10

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Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 6/10 Nov 10 '04
Nintendojo 7.7/10 Oct 08 '04
GameSpot 7.4/10 Nov 02 '04
IGN GameBoy 7.0/10 Oct 26 '04
Siliconera 45/100 Oct 06 '04
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Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario Previews

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Nintendojo Oct 25 '04
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GameDaily on Jun 07 '08

"Dr. Mario's outdated but it's still a great game to have because it's still just as addictive as it was many years ago. It's not the brightest spot in Nintendo's Classic NES Series, but it's a..."

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GameSpot on Nov 03 '04

"Dr. Mario's production values don't quite measure up to today's standards even for a puzzle game, but the gameplay has held up well, and the wireless networking is a great feature."

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IGN GameBoy on Oct 27 '04

"Even though this game was given away for free in Wario Ware as an unlockable called Dr. Wario (as well as a free download in the GameCube Nintendo Puzzle Collection release in Japan), the game..."

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Nintendojo on Nov 03 '04

"Dr. Mario may not be as popular or critically acclaimed as it’s older brother Tetris. But I honestly belive it is the better game. It’s intuitive design and simplistic gameplay make it very user..."

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Siliconera on Nov 03 '04

"One of the best things about this game is the hallmark of the puzzle genre. It's all about the "randomness". Virus position is random and what pill you get is random, too. The number of possible..."

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