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Fear is in the heart of all men with the terrible Dracula unleashing his evil on the world, and it us up to vampire hunter Simon Belmont to vanquish the Count in this legendary action game that set a standard for action platformers and established the Castlevania series for Konami.

In Castlevania, before you can undo the curse of the evil Count, first you must battle his ghoulish army of ghosts, mummies, bats and zombies. Use your Magic Whip and other weapons if you want to make it out of the castle alive!


You'll have to explore through numerous areas filled with all sorts
of Dracula's evil minions. You're default weapon is a magic whip,
but as you progress through the game, more and more new, powerful
weapons will appear, including axes, swords, stop clocks, and even
Holy Water. At the end of each area, there is a boss character
waiting for you to come and battle it. It will take strategy and
patience to defeat these supernatural creatures.

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