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Your master has been kidnapped by the vampire Dracula, and it's up to you to wield the whip and rescue him. Play as Nathan Graves and begin your exploits in Dracula's haunted castle. Your main weapon is the whip, which can be customized by collecting various cards throughout the levels. Gain experience by defeating enemies to survive!


  • Vampire-fighting adventure game

  • Use your trusty whip against ghouls and other evil minions on your hunt for Dracula

  • Combine in-game action and attribute cards to create more than 80 spells

  • Avoid traps and solve puzzles

  • For 1 player

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I like the classic DSS cards. Can't beat True Dracula though. CastlevaniaCircleOfTheMoon GBA

This is the first Castlevania game that I ever bought. My friend was going to get it...


Nathan's master has been kidnapped by Dracula, and it's up to him to rescue the old...


Sweet game. I've beaten all of its modes. Thief is my favorite. If you need any help...


this is a great game! really thats all i can say about it. i loved the DSS the...


Graphics: Nice-looking enemies and bosses, great backgrounds, but some nasty slowdown...


Taking place in the mid 19th century. Castlevania:Circle if the moon is an action/RPG...

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