Based on the movie, the game is about a universe completely populated with talking animals, Chicken Little's wildly active imagination and tendency to overreact have made him an outsider at home and in his community. When he nearly destroys the town in the great "sky is falling down" debacle, an angry mob forces Chicken Little to shape up.

Taking on the roles of Chicken Little and his friends Abby Mallard, Runt-of-the-Litter and Fish-out-of-Water, players must try to outwit bully Foxy Loxy and save the town from an alien invasion all the while attempting to reverse Chicken Little's reputation from that unfortunate "sky is falling down incident."


  • Switch characters and play as Chicken Little's alter ego, Commander Ace and his buddy, Fish-Out-of-Water
  • Each with unique moves includes space laser and punch attacks!
  • Collect gadgets such as soda bottle rockets and yo-yos all needed to win!
  • 12 side-scrolling levels
  • 8 bonus racing levels
  • Unlockable dodgeball mini-game
  • Unlockable racing game featuring cool vehicles from the film

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blighst and 1 others own Chicken Little
Mar 08, 08 2:24am
the game is good up untill the boss. ChickenLittle
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