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The Castlevania saga continues on the GBA. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance casts you as Juste Belmont, a Vampire hunter with the powers of the Belmont and magic-using Belnadez clans in his blood. Castle Dracula has reappeared for unknown reasons and Juste must venture inside and defeat the wicked within. Use your trusty family whip and imbue sub-weapons with magical tomes to unleash powerful magical attacks in this 2D side-scrolling action game in the vein of Castlevania: CoTM.

Editor's Note:

Titled "Castlevania: White Night Concerto" or "Concerto of the Midnight Sun" in Japan.

Added on: April 09, 2002

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much misunderstoond game of the franchize. It's not bad, but the level design boss design, and quality of music is what detracts players... CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDissonance GBA

Circle of the moon was good but this..this is just great! everything i hated about...


This is a good addition to the castlevania games, another fine job on the GBA, this...


This game would be better than Circle Of the Moon if it wasn't so short and easy. Its...


In the beginning, there was Symphony of the Night for PlayStation. Konami mixed the...


Man, is this a good game! It's so addicting I couldn't put it down.It combines great...


-should had made the game with much higer level......
-items to collect should be...


This was a sequal that I was all over - the second Castlevania made exclusivly for the...


this game is very addicting, you'll find your self sucked in like you were with super...


I absolutely love this game it's just as entertaining as symphony of the night for the...


Well what a pleasant surprise this game was an excellent sequel to the allready...

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