Re-enter the role of heroic Ryu, a dragon morphing warrior, as he unknowingly embarks on an adventure in search of his missing father and sister. Eight characters will join you along the way to help you find and master the secrets and challenges of the lands you will explore. Discover magical spells, hidden shaman, townspeople to recruit for your community, and how they will all come into play in determining your fate as you roam the world of dragons, demons and mystery.


  • Fully arranged conversion adding improvements - Character facial graphics are renewed and improved. The entire game system has been adjusted for maximum playability. The gameplay experience has been adjusted to offer a more stress-free experience by adding things like 'dash' in the field screen.
  • Exchange Items with a Link Cable - Players can exchange items using a Link Cable. With this feature, a player can help a friend by giving powerful items to assist in fighting a strong boss character.
  • Quick Save Function - To make the game more playable on a portable system, a new quick save function has been added. This feature will allow players to save and quit the game whenever they want.
  • Township Building - This feature will challenge players to a game within a game. Players are now able to build their own town as they progress through the story. Managing resources is the key to being successful

Editor's Note:

This GBA port of the classic SNES RPG features a trading function where you can exchange items with friends via Game Link cable.

Added on: April 02, 2002

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Game Completed! I am currently leveling, fishing, and cooking when I'm in the mood. BreathOfFire2 GBA
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Finished this game November 27th, 2010. Currently playing occasionally with the goal of maxing all characters levels. I'd give this... BreathOfFire2 GBA
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Great game. I l-o-v-e it! Highly reccomend to RPG lovers. BreathOfFire2 GBA
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I haven't played Breath of Fire I so now you'll be reading a review in only one angle....

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I love it but I might be biased, so I decided to write on its many aspects.
By the way,...

Jun 21, 03 5:19am

Graphics: Primitive overworld, but good-looking characters, great enemies and bosses...

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