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This game is the first of its kind, using a light sensor that attaches to the GBA to store energy from various light sources. The more energy the sensor receives, the stronger your character in the game becomes.


  • Solar sensor on cartridge absorbs sunlight and directly influences gameplay
  • Real time clock system changes the game environment depending on what time it is
  • Certain monsters and creatures can only be destroyed by using sunlight
  • From renowned producer and game designer Hideo Kojim

Editor's Note:

The title is a loose wording of the Japanese words for "Our Sun".

Added on: February 17, 2003

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BEST game EVER!!! I have 3 of them + da BOX & MANUAL w/ Original Coupon!!! BoktaiTheSunIsInYourHand GBA
All the way to the Delusion Forest! (On the 1st cartridge; I have a total of 5:P) BoktaiTheSunIsInYourHand GBA

Overall, this is a must-have game for those who like fantasy and vampire hunting...


When I heard about this game, I was excited. I was thinking "what a brilliant...


I consider myself very picky when it comes to grading and reviewing games. I only have...

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