The 2001 release of Breath of Fire is a GBA port of the original SNES RPG, set in a world where the forces of the Dark Dragons threaten to conquer the land. A young boy named Ryu from the Light Dragon tribe embarks on a journey to save both his people and the rest of the world. Players will recruit seven companions, each with their own unique abilities that will help players explore the top-down world map and overcome turn-based battles. Ryu himself will eventually gain the power to transform into different dragons. The GBA re-release includes enhanced graphics and the ability to trade items with other players via the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.

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Graphics: There are some good-looking towns and houses, and the enemies and bosses...


Breath of fire is a huge game, and is certainly not linear because of all the side...


Since the American launch of Nintendo's newest handheld, the Game Boy Advance, the...


To start with, I have to say one thing. This game is made by Capcom.

For those who...

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