Breath of Fire is the epic saga of a world ravished by the warring forces of the Light Dragons and the Dark Dragons. A boy hero named Ryu embarks on a quest to save the land, and discovers an unlikely cast of companions to help him along the way. Seven characters will eventually join Ryu's party, each with unique talents and abilities. Capcom even spruced up the quest with enhanced graphics and the ability to trade items with your friends by using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.


  • The classic RPG adventure that started it all ... now on Game Boy Advance.
  • Hundreds of magic spells help characters transform and combine into dragons and other beasts.
  • Exchange items with your friends by linking up two Game Boy Advance sytems via a Link Cable.
  • Join Ryu and his friends Nina, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Bleu, Ox and Mogu as they travel the land

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Graphics: There are some good-looking towns and houses, and the enemies and bosses...


Breath of fire is a huge game, and is certainly not linear because of all the side...


Since the American launch of Nintendo's newest handheld, the Game Boy Advance, the...


To start with, I have to say one thing. This game is made by Capcom.

For those who...

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