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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the Game Boy Advance recreates the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise with new level designs, gameplay and technology tailored for the handheld. Choose to ride with the skills of Tony Hawk, or as one of 12 pro skaters from the same star-studded line-up that's in the PlayStation version. Perform hundreds of tricks in a variety of obstacle-filled locations.


  • Play as one of the many different Pro Skaters in the game, such as - Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, Kareem Campbell, Andrew Reynolds and Jamie Thomas
  • Create your own skater from scratch with Create-a-Skater mode
  • Design your ideal course with the 3-D Skate Park Editor
  • Choose from hundreds of new tricks
  • More realistic collisions
  • There are several skate parks to choose from, including Marseilles, Manhattan and Skate Street Ventura
  • Free Skate Mode and Multiplayer modes - [such as tag, trick-attack, HORSE and graffiti]

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5.4/10 TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
Sep 21, 08 6:40pm
challenging and classic TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
Jaw Knee
Aug 11, 07 3:42pm
7/10 TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
Apr 26, 07 9:36am
great cheats!! TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
Aug 20, 06 2:39am
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Best THPS PSX Game Ever! TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
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Jul 21, 05 1:16pm
You cannot have this! TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
May 21, 05 5:16am
sweet game! TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
Jun 23, 04 6:43am
old TonyHawksProSkater2 PC
just 2 xtreme
May 29, 04 7:36am

This is one of my favourite games on the GBA although once completed becomes very...

Jim Raynor
Mar 15, 03 12:23pm

I say buy this game if you wanna feel the ultimate THPS wraith. Other then that theres...

Jan 05, 03 8:14am

This game was one of the most successful GBA launch titles. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2...

kid kaos
Oct 14, 02 9:02am
added 4 cheats
Sep 16, 02 12:12pm

I think that THPS3 is better, so get that, but if your looking for a cheaper game, get...

Sep 03, 02 3:36pm

Kickflip while on the bus, sorted! Aside from the prospect of the crazy idea (if you...

Master of the VG
Jul 30, 02 3:55pm

There are some problems with this game, but it still is fun to play. The levels...

Jul 26, 02 10:47pm

The animations were surpisingly good but that top-down veiw makes it kinna tough to...

Apr 02, 02 9:05am

Excellent skating game for the GBA, infact excellent compared to most console skating...

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