Moto GP, based on the 50-year old race of the same name, comes to the GBA. Choose from 12 bikes and 3 Race Classes. Updated rosters and tracks from around the world make for a lot of motorbike racing.


With THQ setting a very high standard for motorcycle games for GBA, this game will be one of the top racing games ever on the Gameboy Advance


  • Official licence of the FIM World Motorcycle Championship
  • Real tracks, teams, and riders
  • Challenge mode--54 challenges with rewards to unlock
  • Season mode offering mid-season transfers
  • Race against the clock, your previous best time and the odds
  • Fantastic replay mode that looks almost as good as watching on TV
  • Detailed bike and circuit graphics with genuine trackside scenery

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Got it with the console. Don't judge me. MotoGP PS2

this is a great game, for those who like racing. thre are many chracters like valetino...


This game is one of the best GBA games out yet! It's in 3D view, it's not another 2D...

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8.3 / 10