The player learns that they are the ward of Gorion, and know nothing about your past. Your peaceful life in Candlekeep, where books are a ticket into the gates, is threatened by some mysterious danger, sending you on a great mission.


  • Inherits the most important features from the PlayStation 2 version: Character enhancement, different fighting styles, many different weapons, equipment and magic spells.

  • Character enhancement visible in-game: Armor, weapons, shields, gloves, helmets, and boots.

  • Real 3D isometric environements and 3D rendered characters and monsters.

  • New set of maps inspired by the PlayStation 2 version.

  • Impressive lightning effects and magic spells.

  • Game depth and replay value: 17 monster types, 23 levels, 14 weapons, 34 magic feats and spells, 33 armor types visible in-game, and 14 other collectable items.
Dakafal66 owns Baldur's Gate
Dakafal66 played Baldur's Gate
Apr 22, 10 6:26am
Finally got it to work on my PC is what I did... Well it currently works anyway. Good. Grief. BaldursGate PC
Sep 05, 09 3:35pm
Finally started playing BG again. I'm a Half-Elf Fighter/Cleric, and I plan to have a party of Imoen, Coran, Minsc, Dynaheir, and Viconia. BaldursGate PC
Nov 05, 06 5:22pm
added a cheat
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