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An evil doctor by the name of Dr. Robotnik turns animals into robots and threatens the land. A spiky blue hedgehog with an incredible amount of speed by the name of Sonic is out to stop Dr. Robotnik, saves the animals and restore peace. Sonic must go through 6 zones, each with 3 acts, making for a total of 18 levels, to do this.

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Chimaira and 1 others own Sonic the Hedgehog
Jan 26, 13 10:40pm
You know I loved Silver before playing this game. Now not as much... SonicTheHedgehog X360
MillieTailskoPrower played Sonic the Hedgehog
LanDi Sama
Jul 28, 12 12:10pm
nasty nappa
Aug 02, 11 2:18am
i owned it played it and wished i hadnt SonicTheHedgehog X360
Jul 26, 11 7:37pm
Very underrated game. Gameplay is fast-paced, fun, and addictive SonicTheHedgehog X360
Apr 16, 11 9:00am
Nice fast paced game with mission based gameplay SonicTheHedgehog X360
Metal Tails
Mar 21, 11 11:58pm
This is the only Xbox 360 game I have all the Achievements in. SonicTheHedgehog X360
Jan 15, 11 7:16am
Oct 24, 10 7:23am
6/10 SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Jul 14, 10 8:44am
added 4 new concept art
Jul 11, 10 11:19pm
added 4 new concept art
Feb 07, 10 1:22pm
9/10 Great Game Slightly Spoiled By Boring Boss Fights SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Feb 06, 10 9:59am
Who am I kidding? Even I can't like the worst game of the decade. SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Dec 26, 09 1:31am
amazing classic, right thar SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Dec 12, 09 4:31pm
need i say more? SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Jaden GX
Sep 13, 09 7:35pm
Aug 01, 09 1:08am
Original Cartridge SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
Jul 27, 09 10:01pm
The first one. Classic. Mega win. SonicTheHedgehog GENESIS
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