Everybody likes the zoo. And why not? Casual walks, exotic animals, and fried foods are good fun. Managing a zoo of your very own is even better. Zoo Tycoon challenges you to build a zoo one path tile, one iron-reinforced fence, and one animal at a time. Zoo Tycoon bears more than just a title similarity to Roller Coaster Tycoon: it appears to be based on the same basic game engine. Building pens and paths, decorating, locating buildings, managing your staff, even the way your patrons look and how you tweak pricing are all extremely similar to the fun and intuitive Roller Coaster Tycoon.


  • The multi-platinum Zoo Tycoon franchise (over 5 million sold worldwide!) comes to handheld system for the first time!
  • The first tycoon-style game ever on handheld! DS technology, including the dual screens and touch screen, allows for seamless life simulation gameplay!
  • Purchase and adopt a menagerie of animals, including lions, giraffes and tigers!
  • Keep guests happy with gift shops, hamburger joints and more!

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This game is extremely boring and annoying on the DS, and should be played on PC. ZooTycoonDS DS
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I lost my game....... ZooTycoonDS DS
Sux.PC is way better! ZooTycoonDS DS
this is a great game to play ZooTycoonDS DS
TO easy man.. money money money. with the amount of money i got i cud build a new earth. ZooTycoonDS DS
this is my kids game, never played before. ZooTycoonDS DS
i always start a new game every time cos i keep thinking i can do better ZooTycoonDS DS
This game is fun at first but gets pretty boring and has some iffs since I bought it from Gamestop. Be carefull when shopping there,... ZooTycoonDS DS
i love it but im bored of it...... ZooTycoonDS DS
  • Genre: Life Sims
  • Developer: THQ
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 10, 2005
    EuropeSep 9, 2005
    JapanApr 20, 2006
    AustraliaNov 17, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • Zoo Tycoon: Doubutsuen o Tsukurou! in Japan
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3.3 / 10
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