Yoshi's Touch and Go Action Replay Codes

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Black Yoshi (DS) North America Master

02335910 000003e7

It allows you to use a Black Yoshi.

PS: You can't get the star that turns you invincible.

Control Baby Mario's Speed (DS) North America

54000130 0000037f
02336d84 0000ea60
d0000000 00000000

999 Points (DS) North America

12335910 000003E7

This code will give you 999 points.

Infinite Eggs (DS) North America

22335938 000000FF
22351840 000000FF

This code will give you an infinite amount of eggs.

3 Ballons Code (DS) North America

620f6490 00000000
22336cb0 00000003
d0000000 00000000

This code will give you three balloons

9999 Yards (DS) North America

123359B8 0000270F

This code will give you 9999 yards.