Yoshi's Island DS Code Breaker Codes (DS)

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Master Code (DS) North America Master

0000A300 41595745
F387A179 5675F922
D6B29261 125ABE40
8B7799DF C62A62DD

This code will let you enter any other Codebreaker codes for Yoshi's Island DS.

Infinite Lives (DS) North America

62484B6B 9CED52F5

This code will stock you with an infinite supply of lives.

Infinite Character Coins (DS) North America

E3BAE771 FC405691

This code will supply you with the maximum amount of Character coins you can hold at a time.

Maximum Stars (DS) North America

4F2F45D2 7A8DDF35

This code will give you a maximum supply of stars.

Max Supply of Red Coins (DS) North America

12DA4F2B EF781A4A
F639EE88 3723C73B

This code will supply you with a maximum supply of red coins.

All Levels Complete (DS) North America

33ECCB14 44AB070B
1D405F1A D82E7DCA

This code will make it so that all levels in the game are unlocked and complete.

Maximum Flowers (DS) North America

F64E6DA0 37DE9AC8
477BED88 D9333ECE

This code will give you a maximum supply of flowers