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A mysterious floating island has suddenly appeared over peaceful Yoshi's Island. Soon after its arrival, a gaggle of kids vanishes from the island school. Thankfully, Baby Mario, Baby Peach and Baby Donkey Kong manage to avoid being kidnapped. Now, Yoshi and the three young superstars must set out on a wild and colorful quest to rescue the kids and investigate the ominous island hovering overhead.

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i'll give 4/5 its good but too easy YoshisIslandDS DS
this game frusturates me, but it is still fun, and i can still help you YoshisIslandDS DS

With a somewhat good Yoshi-based boss-filled game at hand, Nintendo COULD have...

I'm in the last chapter-thingy! YoshisIslandDS DS
playing all the minigames YoshisIslandDS DS
A really good game for those who played the one on the snes. 10/10 YoshisIslandDS DS
not as good as the original, but holds up YoshisIslandDS DS
Stuck on this one part...='[ YoshisIslandDS DS
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8.3 / 10
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