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X-Scape Reviews

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1UP B+ Jun 21 '10
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GameSpot Feb 25 '10
IGN DS Feb 24 '10
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"If X-Scape looks a little familiar, it's probably not because you've played it before. Even though X-Scape comes from 1992's X -- a 3D Game Boy game that never made it stateside -- most players will recognize the influences its developer had on another little groundbreaking 3D title known as Star Fox. With that little bit of backstory, suddenly your chittering companion and the massive, disembodied head of your arch nemesis make a lot more sense; lending yet another nostalgic element to the delightful "retro futurism" found in X-Scape. While its abstract art style and color palette are its most outstanding features, X-Scape's greatest asset is actually its sense of immersion. You could say that all games try and bring you to another world, but X-Scape takes you personally on a first-person journey through yesteryear's vision of future desolation."