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It's been three years since Megatron and the Decepticons last threatened the Earth and the Autobots. However they have not remained inactive since their defeat and in fact reports are surfacing that they are planning something new. An intercepted message reveals Megatron's plans to use his loyal soldier Shockwave to terrorize the Earth.

Game Play

Experience the awesome events and epic battles leading up to the hit film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Follow Megatron as he seeks to unleash Shockwave, and defeat the Autobots including their leader Optimus Prime.


Choose from three distinct character classes with multiple weapon load-outs for an extensive character creation experience!
Level up from matches to earn XP and unlock new character skills and abilties.
Utilize 'Stealth Force' a new hybrid form to devastate your enemies, combine the firepower of robot form with the agility of vehicle form!

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