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After much hard work Mackenzie has finally made it into the Great Detective Society, gaining complete status as a detective. It seems that some people still think of her as too inexperienced for the job though, but she has no time to worry about that as a new wave of crimes pull her into action. Mackenzie will have to use all of her skills as a top rate detective to solve the crimes and prove her doubters wrong.


The game's goal is to solve the various crime cases that come your way. Investigation is done via the DS's touchscreen. Players touch suspicious areas to find vital clues and can then examine and combine them through the item screen. You can also question witnesses by tapping on them. All the while Mackenzie will be displayed on the top screen with whatever thoughts she has, which may provide clues as to the answers you need. Players can also assist other characters with their problems in addition to solving the main cases.

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I finished this and the bonus episodes too. Though this one was not as fun as the 1st one, and some of the clues weren't very good, hard... TouchDetective212 DS
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The best detective game there is! TouchDetective212 DS
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  • Genre: Mystery Adventure
  • Developer: BeeWorks
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 9, 2007
    EuropeNov 16, 2007
    JapanMay 24, 2007
  • Also known as:
  • Osawari Tantei: Ozawa Rina Season 2 1/2 in Japan
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