Tomb Raider: Legend Action Replay Codes (DS)

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Infinite Health (DS) North America

Lara has Infinite Health
220d5792 00000010

Infinite First Aid Kits (DS) North America

Infinite First Aid Kits

220d56e8 00000002

Ammo Codes (DS) North America

Infinite Handgun Ammo
220d56f8 00000063

Infinite Shotgun Ammo
220d5700 00000005

Infinite Machine Gun Ammo
220d56fc 00000063

Infinite Grenades
020d5704 00000063

Infinite Shotgun Clips
220d5718 00000063

Infinite Machine Gun Clips
220d5714 00000063

Infinite O2 (Air) (DS) North America

620d9904 00000000
b20d9904 00000000
2000019a 00000010
d2000000 00000000

Have Shotgun, SMG and Grenades (DS) North America

*Do not use in Nepal or Bolivia Redux

220d56ec 0000001f

Press B for Moon Jump (DOWN+B for Normal Jump) (DS) North America

a4000130 ff7f0000
94000130 fffd0000
620d9904 00000000
b20d9904 00000000
000000ac 0000012f
d2000000 00000000