Horo Tokio is just another regular high school student, but that would soon change. The night before his 17th birthday he has a strange dream, where fires surrounds him and his parents vanish.

This disturbing dream translates into a chilling reality when Horo awakens the next day. His parents have vanished, but it happened 12 years ago! But something else has also changed. Horo now possesses a strange item called the Hollow Pen, which allows him to see into the past and change events. He'll have to learn how to use it effectively if he wants to uncover the mystery and find his parents.


  • Deep storyline with clever puzzles that will challenge and intrigue gamers as they search for answers in the mystery that unravels around them
  • New storytelling and puzzle solving mechanic of the Hollow Pen will have player exploring both the present and the past simultaneously
  • Cinematics are created by the anime studio AIC, with the collaboration of the producer of Blood+ and Gun x Sword and the director of Gundam SEED
  • A variety of interesting characters that come to life via the writing of popular Japanese writers Junko Kawano and Takehiko Hata
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Dec 26, 09 4:21pm
a great gamewitha very interesting story. I beat it very quickly. TimeHollow DS
Kunai Storm
Jan 22, 09 1:32am
It was a good game, awesome theme song. TimeHollow DS
Aug 21, 08 5:39pm
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One of the best games i've ever played. Possibly even TWEWY-tier TimeHollow DS
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