Take control as you build up and maintain your very own theme park. Fill the space with thrilling rides, wonderful shops and entertaiing diversions. Hire staff to help run the park and work to manage your budget. Will your park be a runaway success or disaster be waiting? Find out on this handheld version of a classic simulation game.


The goal of the game is to build up a successful park to attract customers and rake in the profits. To do that you need to use your plot of land to build rides and shops, as well as tinker with the settings of each one. Staff will also need to be hired, like the handymen to clean the park and mechanics to fix broken rides.

The DS' setup is utilised for the gameplay. The dual screens helps to provide a good view of your developing park as well as offer useful information that can help you. Taking heed of what is happening in your park, as well as the words from your advisor, is the key to success. Character profiles can also be exchanged to allow players to visit other parks.

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