Barmy Brat's The World Ends with You Review

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BurnMyDread Jun 16, 08
While I don't agree that The World Ends With You is a bad game, I can agree with the fact that from some points of view the things you brought up have a strong arguement. You're right (for me anyways) that especially early on in the game I did little more than just spam the top screen player. After playing for a longer period though, I found that the battles tends to have a rythem to them. Once I figured out the way the battles flow they became quite fun and entertaining. The other strong point that I feel that you made was with the pin system. I enjoy collecting everything I possible can in the games I play, and collecting all of the pins is a difficult and somewhat tedious task. I also have to agree that the fact that it offers very little indication of how to evolve the pins is strange and quite frustrating to find out through trial and error. Personally I had no major problem with the characters, though I can see where you're coming from with your opinions on Shiki. Like I said before I don't agree with the opinions that you expressed in your review, but from (as much as I possibly can) a more unbias stance the opinions make sense and bring up good points (especially with the shutdown PP thing).
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Amethyst Jun 28, 08
    You really remind me of Yahtzee all the time.

    Nice review. Perfect points. Shame I'm a fanboy of it.
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NeOsX Mar 6, 11
I believe previous JRPG experience is needed before even reviewing a game like that, or any other game in that matter...