The Sim 3 finally porting to consoles and handheld.

The third time's a charm for The Sims, as The Sims get out of the house and start exploring the neighborhood. What happens to one Sim on the other side of town could affect you!

In addition to even greater customization options for designing your Sims and their surroundings, players will be able to pick life goals, and tweak their personality quirks to your heart's content. This mix of personality traits, skills and career choices allow Sims to have their own short and long term Wishes that you can help them fulfill.

Game Play


Karma Powers... things that you will unlock and activate... these Karma Powers can help or hinder you in your life. But don't get too hasty! It takes a while to find them! Also, Lifetime Happiness points (which you will earn by fulfilling your Sim's wishes and just being happy) will be your currency for buying Lifetime Happiness Rewards, things such as Discount Diner, Long Distance Friend, Steel Bladder, etc., which will give you special advantages... playing around with both Karma Powers and Lifetime Happiness Points/Rewards can be a fun adventure! And finally, Opportunities. Opportunities come at random points in the game... these opportunities are usually tasks with a certain, varying time limit that your Sim can complete in order to earn rewards such as Lifetime Happiness Points, Skill boosts, Relationship boosts, Simoleans (money), work promotions, and more!

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I have; Katy Perry Showtime, Seasons, Supernatural, University Life, Generations, Pets, Island Paradise, Town Life, Ambitions. TheSims3 PC
Its fun, but you can't appreciate it if you have played it on PC. TheSims3 X360
nopomalo and 34 others own The Sims 3
Ellipsis and 1 others played The Sims 3
I had a look to see if their is any spillage of the sims 4, I found peoples views on what it might think be like very intresting. TheSims3 PC

The Sims fans are buzzing today about a "big announcement" coming from Electronic Arts tomorrow, according to... posted May 05, 13 5:37pm

The most advanced Sims game yet. TheSims3 Mac
Could be better, but it was one of my first 3DS games, and it's a great installment to the The Sims series. TheSims3 3DS
It's got some glitches, but also lots of features and perfectly tolerable graphics, so I wouldn't hesitate to give it a good review. TheSims3 DS
Pretty terrible graphics and very poorly made, but still fun. TheSims3 Wii
What can I say, it's not perfect, but it'll do. TheSims3 3DS
Pretty crap graphics, but fun and addicting as anything. TheSims3 DS
Technological catastrophe, with terrible graphics and sounds from my Wii that make me think it's being shredded up in a blender, but fun. TheSims3 Wii
Comparing Sims 3 Mac/PC to Sims 2 Gamecube... well then, there's nothing to compare! :) TheSims3 PC
Fun and with cool features.. definitely worth playing. TheSims3 PC
Fun and with cool features... definitely a worth-while Sims game. TheSims3 PC
Bad graphics but still fun and exciting. TheSims3 PC
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